Friday, September 7, 2012

Meet Justin Crosgile

Crosgile embarks on his second season with the Eagles, after sitting out last season after transferring to Eastern Washington from St. Joseph's in Philadelphia.

Hometown? Paterson, New Jersey

When I'm not playing basketball I'm.... playing video games (NBA 2K) and watching Netflix

Favorite movie? The Sixth Man

Favorite actor? Denzel Washington

Favorite musical artist right now? Drake or Wale

What's something people don't know about you? I love music and I like to sing.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be, and why?
Brazil- I heard it's beautiful and I've never been. One of my friends
plays there professionally, it's a place I'd love to visit.

If you could sit down and talk with any person in the world who it would be and what would you ask them? Chris Paul.... I like his game.
We'd talk about basketball, but anything; life itself... what it would
take to get to that level. Hopefully he could throw some tips at me. I
watch a lot of film on him- I try to mimic things he does on the

Tell me your thoughts on the team's trip to Canada? 
I'm looking forward to our trip to Canada, it's a great opportunity
for our team to play with each other before the regular season
starts. We'll get a chance to see where we're at as a team, get a
chance to play with each other, look at our strengths and weaknesses.
With a lot of new faces on the court, it's going to help with our
chemistry. Individually, it will be good to see what I need to work on
and where I'm at before the regular season starts. After sitting out
last season because of the red shirt transfer rule, I'm honestly just
looking forward to playing  in some games.

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