Friday, November 30, 2012

Freddy J Getting Some Media Love!

Excerpt taken from the article:

"Although he may not have sun or a beach in his hometown of Korschenbroich, Germany, freshman basketball player Fredrik Jorg can relate to the feelings of homesickness.
“It’s tough being far away from home,” Jorg said. With a nine hour time difference, Jorg also said that contacting his family can be difficult. “Skype is an option. It’s hard to find time for me and my family, but we find a way to work it out.”
Originally, one of the reasons Jorg said he came to play at Eastern was because of the level of interest expressed in him by the coaches. Jorg also said that head coach Jim Hayford visited him and his family at their home in Germany. “Coach Hayford met with me and my parents, and we decided he was a good guy,” Jorg said. “It was important to my parents that they sent me with someone they could trust.”
For Hayford, there are two elements to recruiting players. “The first key is you recruit where you have relationship,” he said. “The second principle is we’re not going to out-recruit Pac-12 schools.”
By going to both Germany and Australia to recruit players, Hayford was able to experience less competition. Nevertheless, Hayford emphasized that it is also his goal to recruit players in the nearby areas. “We’re very committed to getting local players,” he said. According to the team roster, six of the 16 players were recruited from either Germany or Australia."

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