Monday, October 29, 2012

Player Interview: Collin Chiverton

Collin Chiverton enters his senior season for Eastern Washington. A junior college transfer from San Francisco City College, Chiverton was named the Big Sky Newcomer of the Year in the 2011-2012 season for the Eagles, despite a nagging foot injury that lingered throughout most of the season. Collin has been a winner at every level of basketball. Teams that Chiverton has played on since his junior year of high school have won 129 out of 163 games for a winning percentage of .791.

When you're not playing basketball, what do you enjoy doing?

Playing Playstation, either NBA 2K or Red Dead Redemption... I love watching movies, I'm a huge movie buff. I love to relax and watch TV when I'm not doing stuff with basketball or school. I also love to cook, I'm a great cook. My mom used to be a chef and she taught me everything she knows.

If basketball wasn't in your professional future, what would you want to do after this season? 

I'd figure out a way to start my own business. Even if I have to start from the bottom, working for someone else... I would work my way up to the top until I could branch off and do my own thing. At the end of the day, I want to run my own company and/or become a college head coach.

If you could sit down with anyone, who would it be, and what would you ask them?

It would probably be Carmelo Anthony. I met him once before and I know about his trip to the NBA and how hard it was and all the hard work he put in. I know he's one of the best work out people in the league as far as getting up extra shots and getting in extra workouts and stuff like that to work on his individual game. I would love to ask him about what he does to prepare for games, how does he keep his body in great shape and rehab sort of stuff. I really want to find out what types of things he does in his workouts, and find out what it takes to be an elite NBA player.

What person in your life gives you the greatest inspiration?

In all reality, I have three. But I would just say, all of the women in my life which is my grandma who passed when I was eleven, my mom and my older sister. All three of these women have taught me a lot of life lessons that I wouldn't have learned from anybody else. When you have women as the central part of your life, looking back on it, it's great to see the different perspectives that they have shown me. When you talk to guys, you're usually only getting the same perspective that you have, but in my experience, women have a more complex understanding about what's going on. I take pride in my family and how much they love to help me and see me grow as a person.

What are your thoughts about practice so far?

Practices have been going great. You can tell the team is really gelling day by day. We have film sessions to get better as a team. We usually focus on a certain theme every day at practice as an area to improve on. Each theme builds on one another. Everything that is happening with practice and this program is going in the right direction. Everybody is buying into the system. I'm excited for this season!


  1. Certainly a great kid and a great player. I wish you much success in your career and work. Go ahead Collin. Excellent your work on the team.

  2. Collin keep up the good work be strong and be the best you can be